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What is the Best Hairstyle for Your Face Shape?

The objective of a hairstyle is to make you look your best and by doing so it is important to know which styles accommodate your best features while masking your less appealing ones. Most of us know which features are our greatest because people always compliment us on those. But, how do you know which ones are your less appealing ones? Just sit back for the ride. We are about to ride this one till the wheels fall off.

Luxuriance Natural Hair
Long Curly Hair on Oval Face Shape

Knowing Your Face Shape

Knowing your facial shape will help you narrow down the best look for you. A haircut is a big factor in determining a hairstyle. Every hairstyle doesn’t fit every person. Have you ever had a hairstyle that made your forehead look too big and protruding? Or a style that made your face look thin or wide? If so, that is because there is a science to hair styling and it is an art. Styling hair consist of designing with angles; right angles, horizontals, and perpendiculars. Some hairstyles are A-Symmetric and some Symmetric. Your face shape will decide your haircut or hairstyle and a great hairstylist will suggest the proper style for your face shape during consultation.

Have you considered your eyes, nose, cheeks, chin, and how you look with your glasses, if you wear them? You must consider all of this when deciding a hairstyle. This is what we as cosmetologists call the “Profile”. Depending on your profile, certain facts must be taken into consideration when thinking of a hairstyle. Milady has set the standard when it comes to professional hair styling and for this reason we stand by those standards as tried and true methods to achieve the perfect look for our clients.

Luxuriance Natural Hair
Guide to Female Face Shapes

Styling Techniques According to Face Shapes

Below we explain what techniques to use for different face shapes. Also, please note that body proportions must also be taken into consideration. For example: A woman with thick hips and broad shoulders would benefit more from a hairstyle with more volume. However, that same style would not be appealing on a petite woman. It would be out of proportion. It is best to keep in mind that a hairstyle should never proceed beyond the center of a woman’s shoulders and should therefore, compliment her face.

1.) Round Facial Type: You must create the illusion of length with either a fuller top and narrow sides or just narrow sides with length like the picture below. Keeping your hair close to the sides and longer makes your face appear more oval. This is a good look for a round facial type.

Luxuriance Natural Hair
Long Hairstyle for Rounded Facial Type

2.) Oval Facial Type: This face shape is an ideal shape for any kind of hairstyle. Of all the face shapes, this one is the only one that can wear any hair style, without a problem. Please do not confuse the oval shape with the oblong shape. They are two totally different face shapes so be sure to examine your face and its details.

Luxuriance Natural Hair
The Oval Face is Ideal for any hairstyle

3.) Triangular Facial Type: With this facial type, you need a hairstyle with more hair on the top and temple areas. You should also consider a soft fringe or partial bang to disguise the narrowness at the top of the triangle face shape.

Luxuriance Natural Hair
Curly Hairstyle for Triangular Facial Type

4.) Square Facial Type: With a square face, you want to soften the edges to create balance. Adding volume around the sides will give your face a slight oval appearance. Another good technique would be to add a bang, which would soften the square forehead. Remember the Oval Face is the ideal look.

Luxuriance Natural Hair
Shoulder Length Hairstyle on a Square Face

5.) Diamond Facial Type: For a diamond face shape you want to minimize the width at the cheek while increasing the fullness across the jaw line and forehead. You want to never wear a hairstyle that expose the cheeks.

Luxuriance Natural Hair
Loose Spiral Curls on a Diamond Facial Type

6.) Inverted Triangular Facial Type; also known as the Heart Shaped Face: If you have a wide forehead and very narrow chin, you will have to add width to the sides with no volume at the top. This facial type looks best with curls and volume at the cheek area and bottom half of the face.

Luxuriance Natural Hair
Long Spiral Curls on an Inverted Triangle Face

7.) Rectangle Facial Type: Same principles apply as the Oblong Face

8.) Oblong Facial Type: If you have this face you must make your face appear shorter and wider. Add volume to the sides only and keep hair close on the top. Do not wear long hair. It will make your face appear longer. Your hair should at least be no longer than the chin or a little below it .

Luxuriance Natural Hair
Curly Hair on an Oblong Facial Type

There are many different hair styles for every face shape and it would suit you well to communicate with your stylist and ask what style fits your face. If you do your own hair at home, look online for examples of hair styles that works for you. You can get ideas from Instyle on cuts or hairstyles for facial types. Also, search Google and you will find many images to guide you in making the right decision.

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