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Using Natural Products in The Salons

Using natural products in the salon can be a game changer for many stylists and the hair industry. Consumers are looking more into safe products that will keep them and their hair healthy. Many with chemical texture services are switching to non-chemical products and are going completely organic. Before we know it, natural hair products will rule the hair industry.

Why Stylist Have Started Using Natural Products

A lot of stylist I have interviewed stated that their clients are requesting natural products. Stylists have also told me that they can tell the difference in hair immediately upon applying natural products. They said the hair feels different, clean, and healthy. A few of them also admitted that natural products will boost their revenue when clients realize their hair is growing healthier than it was using synthetic chemicals. Not to mention that even those with chemical services will benefit from natural hair products.

Luxuriance Natural Hair
Natural Curly Hair

Getting Healthy from Head to Toe

The thought of eating healthy and getting your hair done with clean, non-toxic, and healthy products by your favorite salon stylist can be too good to be true. Think so? I think not. The hair and cosmetic industry are now geared full force towards natural and many salon stylists are stocking their inventory to help clients achieve optimum hair health.

Luxuriance Natural Hair
Natural Curly Hair

The Benefit of Using Natural Hair Products

New York City, NY Nearsay says that the benefits of using natural, organic products are great. Depositing natural ingredients in your hair are not only healthier for your hair, but healthier overall. I'm quite sure you've heard all those scary horror stories about the toxins in products and how you could end up with a deadly illness because of them. Well, now is the time to get on the bandwagon with natural products.

Some of the benefits are:

1.) Safe for anyone, even children. Everyone wants to use a product that they can also use on their children without the risk of them getting an allergy or sickness from it. Since natural products are made of mainly plant extracts and oils, the possible chances of anyone getting sick is slim to none.

2.) Adds vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Products that add vitamins, minerals, and nutrients are wonderful for the hair and skin because most of us do not eat enough fruits and vegetables to give our hair and skin the proper amount of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Using products that do provide these things helps us a lot in the long run. What goes into the hair and skin goes into the blood stream. We cannot go wrong with natural ingredients applied to our hair and skin.

3.) Natural products do not damage the hair. Who wants to walk around looking like the scarecrow from Wizard of OZ? I’m quite sure nobody. If I had long hair, I wouldn’t either. Well, looking like the scarecrow is a great possibility when using products loaded with chemicals. Chemicals have a drying effect on hair and can make hair feel like straw. It also causes breakage, frizz, and dry scalp.

4.) Gives your hair a natural luster and shine without silicone. Silicone can be damaging, but natural products can be a savior for hair. Products that are natural adds shine because they do not lift the cuticle layer. Some of them coat the cuticle and reflect light to add that natural shine.

5.) Does not irritate the skin. Ever used a product and started itching like you were being bitten by a pile of ants? That’s the effects of harsh chemicals in a lot of hair products. Many chemicals are known irritants but if you are not familiar with the chemical you will not know it is an allergen.

Luxuriance Natural Curly Hair
Natural Curly Hair

Going natural is a plus if you have the courage to do so. I know it may be hard. It’s like eating candy as a child and now you’ve grown up to find that you must give it up because the doctor said so. It’s depressing. But, the good side of it is that once you get over the craving, you will be healthier than ever. Just try it, I guarantee you will love the outcome. The health of your hair will be much better.

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