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Choosing A Hair Color That Compliments Your Eyes, Skin Tone, and Makeup

Finding the right color is like finding a needle in a haystack. We all have had trouble in the past finding a color that really suits us. I’ll admit, picking a hair color is not as easy as that pretty car we purchased. In fact, it is very tricky; because there are so many factors to consider. You should not feel bad if you picked a color that didn’t look well on you. It is through trial and error that we learn to do things. You will get better by time with a little help from us. You probably are asking why us? Because our name is Luxuriance for a reason. Luxuriance means we strive to provide extravagantly rich content and products that will help our clients in many ways.

People color their hair for many reasons. Some of those reasons are: To enhance their current hair color or cover up that super coarse gray hair. A lot of people want to create a fashion statement or one of self-expression. Then, a few of them just want to correct unwanted tones in their hair caused by environmental exposure; like from the sun or chlorine. Some may do it to make a haircut look fresher. For whatever reason, color can be a lifesaver for some.

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Hair Color Defines Your Personality


The first step in understanding color is knowing what color can and will do for you. We all know what color is, but we all do not understand the art behind it and what it should do for us. Color is a lot of objects in one property that depends on light to give a reflection. The reflection comes from a visible spectrum of light that makes the hue of color more visible.

Color should, by any means, make our lives fun, lively, and exciting. I’m quite sure you remember coloring in those books as a child. You had fun and loved it, didn’t you? I know you did, because I sure did.

This may sound crazy, but it is a known fact that color is rooted in our personality. It is a part of our daily lives, from the clothes we wear, the car we drive, nail polish, hair, eyes, skin, and much more. It is a part of everything we know and do. It even has its points in marketing. Professional marketers understand that psychologically, color influences our behavior. For that reason, we have to consciously choose the color for our hair.

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Luxuriance Natural Products to Make Your Color Stand Out


It is a known fact that many things can go wrong coloring your hair at home and you have to really be careful when using color. It is probably a good idea to read what the professionals are saying or allow a professional stylist to do it. Also, the Huffpost has a really good article I think you should read. It will prevent you from making mistakes.

A general rule of thumb is to use the eye color as a reference point. You should always try to choose a color that compliments your eye color. You can find more info on this topic at An example is the picture below. Her hair, eyes, and makeup are complimenting each other.

Luxuriance Natural Hair
Hair Color That Matches Her Eyes, Skin Tone, and Makeup

If you like blonde and your mind is set on going much lighter than your natural undertone, you could care less about eye color. I understand, but please keep in mind that blonde does not look good on everyone. You should use blonde cautiously; for many reasons. Lifting your hair to a level six when it is naturally a level one will damage it tremendously. Your hair will be dry, brittle, porous, and will shed like crazy so don’t go overboard with your 40 volume developer and Kaleidocolors lightener. Never lift your hair more than two or three levels in one session to prevent damaging it tremendously.

Luxuriance Natural Hair

I cannot express enough how important it is to be sure the color you choose compliments your eyes and skin tone. The proper way to see these colors is in natural light. Natural light gives the true color. Fluorescent lights distort your true color because these lights are artificial. These are very important steps that must not be forgotten if you want a crisp color that looks awesome on you.

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